Streamline your Social Media Management

Need a better way to manage your social media marketing activities?

Looking for a tool to show you performance metrics from multiple accounts in one place?

In this article, you’ll discover how to use Cyfe to organize and analyze your social media marketing activities across several top networks and content channels.

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Preparing for a Product Launch

Joining us for today’s show is Christopher Bray, the Senior Vice President, and GM for Cylance. Christopher has successfully launched products across multiple organizations and is the top revenue leader to speak on the topic of Go-to-Market new product launch.

Mike answers questions out of SBI’s How to Make Your Number in 2018 PDF Workbook to provide an in-depth view into how the top revenue leaders guide Go-to-Market new product launches. To follow along flip to the Corporate Strategy section and flip to the Go-to-Market area found on pages 80 – 93.

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22 ways to Overcome this Common Sales Objection

You’ve been speaking with a prospect for a while. You’ve got a sense of their goals and their pain, and it seems like your offering is a great fit for their business.

You’re all ready to set a date for a product walkthrough or start discussing contract terms, but then your prospect says something that stops you in your tracks.

“Can we talk about this next quarter? It’s just not a good time for us to buy right now.”

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Facebook Ads that Make Money

The first big mistake that a lot of small businesses make on Facebook is advertising a sales page or a squeeze page to cold traffic.

The second big mistake that they make is the failure to understand content marketing.

And I’m going to show you how to fix both of those right now.

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How to Create Better Content

Pardon our dust.

Content marketing is under reconstruction right now, and frankly, it has been for years.

Even when content marketing was a newer tactic online, there were naysayers. Now the naysayers point to the loads of crappy content and say, “You think that works?”

But there has always been junk. Currently, it’s just easier to find. It feels kind of dirty, like there’s a layer of filth that requires some serious Clorox Clean-Up.

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Need Product Ideas? Look to your Audience

To develop fail-safe products, commerce-focused publishers are increasingly tapping their audiences during the development phase.

In March, Clique launched Be the Buyer, a program that lets readers give input into Who What Wear and JoyLab, the two clothing lines it produces with Target. Participants receive surveys once or twice per month that ask about everything from clothing silhouettes to print patterns.

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Chrome Browser Measuring Site Speed

During a discussion with Google’s John Mueller at SMX Munich in March, he told me an interesting bit of data about how Google evaluates site speed nowadays. It has gotten a bit of interest from people when I mentioned it at SearchLove San Diego the week after, so I followed up with John to clarify my understanding.

The short version is that Google is now using performance data aggregated from Chrome users who have opted in as a datapoint in the evaluation of site speed (and as a signal with regards to rankings). This is a positive move (IMHO) as it means we don’t need to treat optimizing site speed for Google as a separate task from optimizing for users.

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6 Common Retargeting Mistakes

Retargeting can be an incredibly powerful weapon in the digital marketer’s arsenal. For some marketers, it consistently produces one of the highest ROIs of all digital campaigns.

But even so, many marketers make mistakes that can reduce the efficacy of their retargeting campaigns. Here is a look at six of the biggest.

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