Facebook Ads that Make Money

The first big mistake that a lot of small businesses make on Facebook is advertising a sales page or a squeeze page to cold traffic.

The second big mistake that they make is the failure to understand content marketing.

And I’m going to show you how to fix both of those right now.

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Product Launch Checklist

What goes into a truly exceptional product launch? To give your new product a feature the best chance at success, it’s important to wrangle all the many moving pieces involved in pulling off a seamless marketing launch. From listing audience members and influencers to having the right success metrics to having a rollback plan, Rand shares his best advice in the form of an actionable checklist in this Whiteboard Friday. And make sure to check out the last item — it may be the best one to start with!

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Funnel Hacking for Round the Clock Lead Generation

The passive-aggressive war between sales and marketing must end, and marketing departments must own sales targets for lower-value commodities within the portfolio. Referrals are king, but no salesperson can make their numbers on referrals alone. Nor can you exceed sales target without the assistance of others.

As a seller, you can lead the way by relinquishing the busy fool activities of selling cheap commodity offerings in highly competitive sectors. You can move to value with elevated relationships and a strong narrative and agenda. You can engineer value and own the relationship rather than merely winning a sale.

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